Training plan for No Os summit on 8000m mountains

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    For Uphill Athlete team:

    I’m considering purchasing the 24 weeks mountaineering training plan and my hope is to use this plan to prepare for a potential no Os attempt on one of the 8000-ers in near future. I’ve already climbed to the top of Manaslu and Everest with supplementary oxygen, and have decent base fitness to start with. I was wondering whether this plan would be a good choice?

    I understand that no Os attempt on an 8000m mountain is not just about having supreme physical fitness, but a combination of several things. However, consistent and smart training is where I would like to begin from.

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    Yes that 24 week plan will serve you well for training for an 8000 meter climb with our supplemental O2. As you are well aware fitness plays a big part but there are many factors beyond your control that can affect the outcome. However having as high a fitness level as you can manage will give you the best chance and it is one factor that is completely within your control.

    Good luck,

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