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Train at or below Aerobic Threshold?

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    In the zone 1 HR zone that is recommended in the book, it spans from I think it was 55% to 75% of HR max. My aerobic threshold is however higher than this (around 79-82%), and it’s hard to keep below is when going by the nose breathing technique.

    Should I always train below the AeT is should I strive to train close to my AeT?

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    Those percentages are only rough averages of what most people will see. If you know your AeT confidently then use that HR. As you become fitter (and AeT moves up) you may very well find that training at AeT is too hard. Then you’ll need more easy days at AeT minus 10 to even 20 beats.

    To increase your aerobic base capacity then yes train close to AeT. But you may very well need to include easy days too.


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