Tinkering with LME Box Steps

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    I have done several LME workouts (from Foote’s big vert plan) involving scissor jumps and box steps. The scissor jumps build a serious leg burn! But I wasn’t feeling quite the same effect from box step ups. So I started tinkering:

    I added more weight, about twice the weight used for scissor jumps.

    Tried substituting stair climbs with weight. My gym actually has 3 stories with a nice, private stairwell, so that worked out well for the workouts with 60sec rest between sets. However, as the rest shortens, I won’t be able to reach the bottom of the stairs in only 30 or 10sec, so going forward I think I will continue with just box steps.

    I had been alternating legs during the sets. In the last workout, I tried simply doing one leg at a time. i.e. 10 reps with the right leg, then immediately doing 10 with the left. This felt much more limited by local muscular fatigue, in the same way that the scissor jumps do. I kept the rest intervals the same (30s). Referencing Verkhoshansky, I’m noticing he suggests a similar protocol for the “hip-flexing exercise,” which is unilateral in the same way as box steps. I’m wondering if I should shorten the rest interval between sets so that the rest between legs is about the rest suggested in the plan.

    For example, LME workout #6, which prescribes 30sec rest between sets would proceed as follows:
    upon completing 10 reps with the right leg, I would spend about 10-15 seconds doing 10 reps with the left leg, then rest for only another 15sec or so, totaling 30sec rest between sets for the right leg.

    Just thought I’d share my experience and see if others have some input! Cheers!

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    allan.xperia on #15498

    An idea for getting shorter rests. The gym owner may not agree…

    Land on #15499

    Ha! Love it!

    A big slide at a local water park would be perfect, especially for water jug carries…

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