Time In Heart Rate Zones – total or sport specific?

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    If an athlete is logging a good amount of walking along with their run program, should I be looking at total time spent in HR Zone 1/Zone 2, or remove the walking efforts (and strength training) to gain insight into how polarized their run specific training is?

    Walking efforts above 100bpm on average.
    Strength efforts around 100bpm on average.
    AeT 147
    AnT 168
    Max HR 183

    I recognize the efforts in walk/strength activities are contributing to overall TSS, but should they be considered when analyzing the data?

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    jamie.charles on #44430

    For reference.

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    davidbeckingsale on #44438

    If the walking effort is around 100bpm then that’s not Z1, since it’s more than 20% below AeT.

    I think the common practice is to include all time in the desired HR zone regardless of pace/cadence – for example, switching from running to hiking on a hill whilst staying in Z1 or Z2.

    Anonymous on #44929

    I would include it all because it all contributes to fatigue. However, if you’re using Training Peaks, you can adjust the Dashboard for more fine-tuned reporting.

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