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    This week I have done a spirometry, and certainly the results obtained have left me quite disappointed, so I ask for advice.

    To start I put my background: I have been training for 8 months under the TFNA premises, that is, I have made a transition period of 8 weeks, then a base with maximum strength of 8 weeks and I am currently finishing my specific base period. The pattern that I have followed has been basically the vast majority of low intensity training combined with the gym workouts explained in the book.

    At first my “low intensity” controlled breathing with the nose reaching comfortably reach 160bpm in sessions that arrived at 3 and 4 hours. After a few months I acquired a heart rate meter and went on to do my training under the MAF formula to be more conservative, for me 180-34=146bpm.

    In addition I have several years including fasting workouts and a low carb diet, even now I do 80% of the fasting training with a duration of up to 5 hours without noticing energy shocks while maintaining a heart rate of 146bpm. I have also included intermittent fasting periods of 16/8 with no problem.

    Well, my surprise has come when the most relevant data of my test have been the following:
    AeT: 139bpm
    AnT: 167bpm
    HrMax: 179bpm
    MEP: 130bpm

    I also commented that despite my request to make periods of 3 ‘, the test was conducted with periods of 1’ and the warming was less than 5 ‘; in addition there have been other details of the doctor who has done me the test that have been very unprofessional like measuring my basal pulse standing for what I have given 78bpm, when my pulsations at rest lying down are close to 40bpm. He even asked me what is RER …

    I also say that in the next few days I will do an AnT test on the ground

    Here are two photographs of the report so you can tell me something about it.

    Thank you very much.

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    Anonymous on #9887

    Don’t be disappointed by the results. Be disappointed in the test (procedure).

    As performed, the test doesn’t reflect the state of your aerobic system.

    With only a 5′ warm up and 1′ stages, your anaerobic system would have been activated far earlier than it should have been. That will have reduced the heart rate where AeT would appear to be. (AnT and Max may well be where tested.)

    A proper test will have at least a 20′ warm up and 3′ stages. Personally, I don’t really feel warmed up until over 30′. For stage length, some of the best in the world use 5-minute stages.

    If you want to know for certain, get another test somewhere else. Let us know where you live, and maybe Scott or Steve will know a proper lab nearby.

    chiquetetekik on #9889

    First of all thank you for your quick reply Scoot S. As you say I also think that the test has been very poor to be useful.

    I also attach the data files obtained.

    Comment I doubt very much that you can advise me a place where to make a new test, since I live in Pamplona, ??a city in Spain … I will investigate this on my own.

    As for my “low intensity”, what do you recommend? continue with the MAF method or nasal breathing method.

    Thank you very much again

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    Anonymous on #9892

    We see these kinds of results from many labs around the world. It is a shame that you had to pay for this test which tells you almost nothing of use.

    You can use the MAF formula, the nose breathing or this test: https://uphillathlete.com/heart-rate-drift/ to help determine your Aerobic Threshold.

    This last test works pretty well and it may take a few tries to get it right but it will help you.


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