Temperature and training

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    Trail runner based in Los Angeles, I really got focused on training over the winter which is mostly in the 50s to low 60s (10-15c) and a lot of overcast days. It’s now mid spring and obviously getting warmer, even more so on the local exposed trails (already in the 80s (26c)).

    How do you track that your training is progressing and metrics like AeT either through the heart rate drift or MAF test are going in the right direction when the heat is adding additional stress and raising your heart rate and slowing runs down?

    I’ve been seeing some metrics falling off, I don’t know if it’s heat related or a training issue. How much of a difference in temperature makes comparing two tests invalid? The last MAF test I did had a 15 degree difference to the previous and overcast vs. full sun (both in the morning). It showed a decline in performance. I’m not going to see overcast mid 50s temps until next winter. I don’t know how to account for this seasonal variation that everyone must deal with and I can’t find anything that addresses it.

    Also if you’re running slower to maintain the same heart rate in the heat I would assume that while the heart is working harder your muscles are not because you’re going slower. Should you add more muscular endurance training to make up for that? Or am I totally wrong on that assumption?


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    Dada on #78943

    I rely on dynamic AeT measurement through DFA a1 HRV. This should capture your changing AeT due to heat.

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