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    I have a goal climb coming up. Rainier via DC, hopefully the snowpack settles down here soon.
    I am considering this a “B” Goal for the summer. I am planning to do the climb the week of July 4.
    I am wondering if I should taper at all the week before and if so what that would look like? Should I just pull up the rest week? Or would the structure be slightly different? I am in the Basic group for reference. Also, my “A” climb is Chimborazo at the end of August so also interested in how I ramp back up to that right after.


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    MarkPostle on #68480

    For the goal in question I would start the taper with a slightly reduced volume the last big weekend (chop about 25% of the volume) then do a normal rest week which should be a little more than 50% of your previous weeks volume. I don’t like to change a ton in the make up of the taper week just scale the whole thing down.

    For returning to training from a Rainier it should look about the mirror image of the taper to ramp back up. That said depending on how your trip goes and your recovery path you may well need more time for rest on the backside.

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