Strict Adherence to 24-Week Expeditionary Training Schedule?

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    Hello all,

    I recently purchased the UA 24 week Expeditionary Mountaineering Training Plan. It is primarily a 6 day-per-week plan. However, as a Paramedic I work two 24hr shifts per week (Wed / Fri) in a busy EMS system where we are running calls most of that 24hr shift. In other words, on Wednesday and Friday there is no way for me to do any workout.

    While I can use one of my work days as my scheduled rest day, I’m not sure how to schedule the remaining workouts around the second work day.

    Any help modifying the 24 week program so I can complete it around my work schedule would be very much appreciated!!

    Thanks and best regards

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    Never strictly adhere to any training plan. Bad things will happen.

    In general, rearrange the plan so that:

    * You’re always recovered for strength or high-intensity sessions; and
    * Your general volume is something that you can maintain indefinitely.

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