Staying under AeT while doing steep hikes

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    Anurag Doshi

    When I hike Mailbox peak with a 20 lbs backpack (15% Bodyweight), it is almost impossible to keep the heart rate under 135. I have done this hike 3 times now and it seems to be getting easier but I am curious if I should stop trying to hike mailbox peak every 2 weeks and just do the workout on the treadmill?

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    bill on #61681

    I think you probably need to be willing to go as slow as you need to go to keep your heart rate under your AeT. From experience, that can be painfully slow while you build a base and improve your AeT. It can take a lot of patience, especially if you are used to hiking at a faster pace (and above your AeT). The alternative is finding a less steep hike and seeing if you can set a pace that isn’t quite so slow. For me, the treadmill would be the last option; I’d stay with the hikes if I could because hiking is what I am training for.

    mattmay3s on #61702

    Agreed – slow done and let others overtake you. My ego was severely bruised as I started my journey with UA and everyone started overtaking me. On the plus side my wife now loves hiking with me as I’ve slowed down and we can have a conversation while we hike 🙂

    MarkPostle on #61744

    Personally I would never use the TM over good outdoor terrain. Slow down as you need. Take heart some higher intensity sessions are coming in the next 12 week so you’ll be able to let you horses run free a bit more!

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