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Starting Running program??

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    I have not run in quite a while. I’m blaming the pandemic rather than my own sloth or my schnitzel sprain. I have been doing the workouts (yes, I know I am now a week out of phase) by hiking. I have modest running goals. I’d like to be up to 3 miles/day by May 15 or so. Will this mess up the U.A. plans?

    It gets worse – I’m practicing the trumpet again even though none of my bands are meeting yet, which, if I were better, might be an aerobic activity. ? No response required

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    MarkPostle on #63529

    Bill, Using all my reserve to not make any trumpet comments.

    Moving on, indeed a modest amount of running in the program is totally fine and can substitute for any of the aerobic hiking days. As your hiking goals approach of course the training should be a specific as possible but if 1-2 days a week are more running oriented then should be fine. We also have many athletes do their Zone 2 work in “running mode” where by they use a running gait for flats and downhills and a power hiking gait for the ups. This mixed with weighted pack work on other days works well.

    MalibuBill on #63715

    Thanks Mark. I’ll let you know when I can hit a Double C.

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