Stacking workouts and fat metabolism

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    From TFNA: “Stacking this [low intensity, long duration] workout on the back of the more intense one [the previous day] is thought to have the desirable effect of enhancing fat metabolism”

    I’m looking for some more detail about the above quote – why does stacking benefit fat metabolism, and should we try to schedule our training to target this effect? e.g. do an easy Z1 run the day after doing a Muscular Endurance workout? Any references/pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Anonymous on #5924

    Sorry for the slow reply. Steve and I have been in Chamonix for our workshop.

    By stacking longer aerobic workouts back to back you start the second workout in an even deeper glycogen depleted state which has a powerful stimulus on increasing the aerobic capacity and fat metabolism.

    Doing a longer Z1 after an ME is smart for aerobic restoration after the hammering you gave your legs in the ME workout. This speeds recovery and maintains that aerobic base.


    Mariner_9 on #5960

    Thanks, Scott, much appreciated. I didn’t realize how long it took the glycogen stores to rebuild.

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