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    Just started my Specific training weeks after 20 weeks of base period. My target vertical is 9000′, specifically Rainier car to car. I chose this because I’ve done Shasta car to car before starting training.

    The book mentions doing a big day in the mountains with vert equaling my target for 50% of the weekly volume, for me this is around 4 hours. There is no way I’m covering 9000′ in 4 hours. Later in the book, it gives an concrete example of training for Cassin ridge involving a day with 100% of target vertical gain and you “take as much time you need to complete that task”. Which should I be doing? Climbing as much as I can in 4 hours, or climbing 9000′ and ignoring how long it takes? And how much time should be spent on the big day in the mountain vs z3 hill climb?

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    Jane Mackay on #84342

    Hi fishlicker,

    Sorry for the delay. Here is a reply from coach Pedro Carvalho:
    If the goal is to achieve the 9000 meters, you should do it no matter how much time it takes , but there should be a progression to achieve that goal…. For example : aim for 1500, then 2500, then 3500, then 5000, etc .
    And how much time should be spent on the big day in the~ mountain vs z3 hill climb?
    Your weekly volume should be bigger than the bigger day, and in most events the bigger day goes until 50% of the event day, especially if we are talking about a 100k race, 100 miles , or 10/12 hour hike. Zone 3 has specific times and rest periods for training

    I hope this helps.

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