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    Is anybody using a Garmin Smart Scale? I bought one for nothing more than curiosity about my weight changes through training, but am considering returning it. Is anybody gleaning valuable information from their smart scale (bmi, bone mass, water content, etc)?

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    alexgauthier on #14095

    I have a Nokia (previously Withings) one. It works well and I like it for monitoring weight. I tend to worry about it more trying to manage power to weight ratio for pure rock etc. My weight takes care of itself when focused on a more endurance related goal.

    dwpyle on #14122

    I’ve had a Withings for a long time. It’s so old it only does weight a body fat percentage. I’m not sure how accurate the body fat is a absolute terms, but it does seem to be pretty consistent in showing gains or losses. I’ve looked at newer ones but haven’t seen the value, but I do like the one I have.

    Mariner_9 on #14132

    Also have a Withings scale which measures weight, body fat, water content, etc. Not sure the info is particularly useful unless you’re trying to lose or gain weight (given the body fat measurement is probably not very accurate, most people probably use HR monitors for HR, and the water content info is obvious – i.e. you already know if you’re dehydrated).

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