Slight TrainingPeaks Load&Time Adjustments Without Changing Plans

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    Dariya Ignatenko

    Hi Coaches, is it an option to increase our training load on our plan, without necessarily going up a level? I ask because I feel like I could take on a bit more time for my workouts and was interested in having a little more strength training (like the muscular endurance workout), but don’t feel ready for the intermediate level. Is it an option to make these kinds of adjustments, or it best to stick with my TP plan as is?

    I usually only struggle to find time to finish a plan about once a week because of work, but otherwise feel like I could take on more and still recover ok (especially during the weekends).

    I’m curious to hear what you recommend! Thank you.

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    Alyssa Clark on #78798

    Hi Dariya,
    You can add up to 10% volume to your aerobic workouts for the week. Also adding weight/moving up a level in Cham fit can help with the challenge of the week. I wouldn’t recommend jumping too much more than that so it is still doable and not overwhelming.

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