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    I took a bad fall skiing on Sunday and now have what my Physical Therapist friend says is Skier’s Thumb. I have it wrapped and splint, have been icing and taking ib profen (400mg every 4 hrs). my thumb is swollen and hurts to move, but i can move it. It is feeling better today compared to yesterday.

    How long do you think I should wait for it to heal vs getting xrays done? If nothing is seriously injured how long for the swelling to go down and the pain to go away?


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    Anonymous on #36711

    Those sound like questions for a doctor. I would get X-rays.

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #36774

    I concur with Scott that after a trauma event and resultant swelling and pain, an xray is a great start. Without clearing for fracture, you can’t get proactive on range of motion and return to activity. I’ve been fooled many times thinking ‘it’s just fine’, when there is an underliying fracture that needs to be protected.

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