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    I realize this is a bit off-topic, but having to give up bicycle racing (horrible cervical spine – raced for about 50 years) I’m focussing my attention on cross country free “skate” skiing since it’s mostly non-impact and I’m upright (not bent over). I’m recovering from three years of many ortho surgeries and have a degenerative lumbar spine. My question is what endurance training can I do to try for skiing? Running is not good due to my spine. And at age 59 I’m very tentative about rollerskis. I really do no want to fall on pavement – I’ve had enough injuries. I just bought some ski walking poles, so I suppose this is my best bet, though the training is geared to classic skiing. I also think I can climb some steep hills, specifically the Manitou Springs Incline, and abandoned funicular. I just need to be careful about coming down gently as to not jar my back. But is there anything I can do that’s more specific to skate skiing? I’m most interested in endurance training. I have strategies for strength and flexibility work.

    Thanks. Michael

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    My apologies, I didn’t see this topic was still unanswered. Are you still looking for this information?

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