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    I’m hoping to get some ideas from people on here on their favorite shoes for ridge running.

    I use Hoka speedgoats for most of my trail running but I’m getting more into ridge running which involves more scrambling and the speedgoats don’t exactly excel at this. At the same time, I’m hoping to do longer distances and run when terrain permits, so I’m looking for something that isn’t an approach shoe.

    I’ve been recommended the LaSpo bushidos but the reason I started running in the speedgoats is because I got 2 stress reactions from running in bushidos.

    Any recommendations?

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    Dada on #55672

    Hi Lindsay,

    I think, you can give the Salomon XA ALPINE PRO a try. It’s comparable to the Bushido.


    kurej.tomas on #55688

    If it’s wet and snowy than Salomon S/LAB XA ALPINE 2
    For summer and dry ridge/mountain running/scrambling Salomon XA ALPINE PRO

    LindsayTroy on #55695

    Did Sololmon discontinue those? Or is this another weird COVID supply chain thing. It doesnt seem like you can purchase them.

    nullkru on #55720

    maybe have a look at the la sportiva cyklon, or karacal…

    Mariner_9 on #55724

    I have a pair of Sportiva Akasha which I sometimes use for routes with scrambling. They perform surprisingly well. Not sure how the fit compares to the Bushido.

    Aaron on #55727

    Similar to kurej.tomas:
    -I have S/LAB XA ALPINE 2 for earlier season snowy use, I use these sparingly as they are expensive (found a pair 50% off), and I prefer mesh shoes with running gaitors unless really snowy.
    -I too tried to find the Salomon XA ALPINE PRO but seem to be discontinued or perpetually out of stock.
    -for drier use I ended up with arc’teryx norvan vt 2 which seem very similar in niche to the Salomon XA ALPINE PRO
    -I also have a pair of la sportiva TX4 for nastier scree and more pure scrambling trips, but I’m really curious to try on a pair of the la sportiva TX guide for these burlier routes.
    -My first more technical shoes were Bushidos which I liked but the multi-part sole seemed lower durability, I now prefer shoes with simple smooth treads and single part materials.

    kurej.tomas on #55728

    LINDSAYTROY: I bought those Salomon in my local sport shop (living in Central Europe).
    One of my friends is lasportiva fan (narrow feet) and he prefers Lasportiva Mutant if there’s more running, it has still very sticky rubber for scrambling (more sticky than Bushido), and Lasportiva TX Guide for harder scrambling and less running.

    You could also look at the neu running approach shoes from Scarpa – Rapid. They look not very different from Salomon alpine pro. They are quite neu, so no personal experience.

    mylon.ollila on #55759

    I like the Salomon sense pro 4 or s/lab sense series for scrambling on gnarlier terrain on Vancouver’s North Shore. Super sticky rubber, sensitive, very good on technical terrain. Plus, if they’re good enough for Kilian they’re good enough for me.

    LindsayTroy on #55760

    Thanks all! These are helpful! I have TX3 and TX2s for more proper approaches/climbing but they start to make my feet hurt after 5-6 miles. I’ll have try to get my hands on some of these to see how they fit!

    riley weaver on #55798

    I’ve been really into the Sportiva Mutants, Tecnica Magma and Arc Norvan VT II for these style runs! The Mutants run the best, but scramble quite well, especially when the rubber has broken in and the lugs wear down a bit. The Magma’s are a good all arounder, and are surely the burliest, offering the most protection, and they scrmable quite well, too. The Norvan’s also run well, and I find they climb exceptionally. The lug pattern is such that you get maximum contact and thus friction, and they do very well climbing 4th and low 5th!

    Danny on #55808

    Im also trying to find amore comfortable shoe for the longer distances and elevation gain. Anybody have experience with the On Cloudultra shoe?

    LindsayTroy on #55814

    Danny- I have a pair, they’re really narrow and I don’t love them, little rocks always get stuck in the treads, other than that I don’t really know how to describe what I don’t love about them. I a ride or die for Hoka Speedgoats if you don’t have scrambling to do.

    turfbasket on #55922

    Hi Lindsay.
    I am a big fan of the VJ Maxx.They have excellent grip, comfortable cushioning and a fantastic kevlar upper for durability and protection. I have narrow feet which these accommodate but they have a wider toe box which gives a bit more room at the front if needed.
    They are meduim weight(uk 8 250g.

    In my opinion they are great for skyrunning 30k-50k.

    AshRick on #55975

    I used LaSportiva Mutants for a while. But the sole is a little soft — rocks starting hurting my feet after a few hours.

    Recently got the Karacal. Wow. Lovely shoe — cushioned but with great rock protection. Nice roomy toe box. Superb grip.

    I’ll be wearing those on the segment of Leadville over Hope Pass and back. Rocky on the back side.

    Dan on #56104

    I really like the Dynafit Alpine Pros: the combination of tread pattern and sticky rubber works really well on rock, and I’ve had good luck with them on alpine terrain. The only thing I would change is to put a more aggressive tread in the heel for braking on snow/loose terrain, but they work as well as any other shoes I’ve tried in that regard. On technical trails I find the traction encourages me to run up on top of the trail (i.e. up on roots and rocks) more than my other shoes, which I think reduces the risk of catching an ankle (as well as just feeling a lot more fun).

    Unfortunately they seem to have discontinued these shoes, and the new Alpine (non-Pro) are not the same. I like them enough I tracked down the last two pairs I could find online and had them shipped from Germany to Canada!

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