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    After 6 years I am sadly having to move away from my go-to trail running shoe, the Montrail Masochist. Since they were acquired by Columbia a few years ago, this model has gone downhill to the point I have to find an alternative.

    What I liked about the shoe included the following:

    – The fit (the new model has changed the sizing where a 10.5 fits more like an 11 in length but not width

    – The durability.

    – the mild “stability” of the included medial post. Gives a touch of structure/support on ultra long runs (I ran 50ks, 40 milers, and a 47 mile double crossing of the grand canyon in the Masochist I)

    – The relatively low stack keeps the ankles from wanting to roll on technical/rooty/rocky terrain.

    – While not overly “cushioned” they are plenty supportive for long runs.

    – 8mm stack height meant it wasn’t low drop or high drop either.

    – All of the above combined to make me feel like I had “tanks” on my feet and they could handle anything the trails threw at me.

    I just went through a round of “goldilocks” training with some of the newest version of the Montrail and unfortunately the 10.5 was just too large and the size 10.0 was too small. Plus I hate the new speed lacing system, they even made the eyelets too small to use traditional laces as a replacement.

    I’ve been trying out a number of other brands (New Balance Hierro, Topo Athletic Mountain Racer, Skechers Ultra, Brooks Puregrit) and nothing is hitting that sweet spot.

    Can anyone recommend any models to try out?

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    Josh Gray on #26734

    Check out the La Sportiva Akasha. It’s similar to the mountain masochist in a lot of ways.

    Anonymous on #26768


    I really like the Akasha as well. I’m on my third pair.

    I switched from a Hoka. The Akasha is heavier, but I get twice the mileage than I did with Hoka.

    briguy on #26784

    Thanks guys. I definitely like Hokas for the road but I find them too unstable on trails. It feels like the high stack height makes it too easy to roll the ankles.

    I’ll add the La Sportiva to the list. In looking at the brand, it appears they have other models that might be similar to the Masochist too, like the Bushido for example.

    Anonymous on #26790

    The La Sportiva Mutant is also similar; both the Akasha and Bushido have a lower drop, so trying each of the models might be helpful. Plan on sizing up for Sportiva also. Many people say they are too narrow, after wearing Sportivas for the past decade, I know that if I go up .5 size I’m guaranteed a perfect fit. Good luck!

    JGwartney on #26793

    Another vote for the Akasha. I’ve been running in them for the past year, they’ve held up great and have plenty of support without being bulky. They tend to run small, I usually wear 10.5(44EU) but had to size up to a 12(45.5EU). They fit great once I got the sizing sorted.

    briguy on #26821

    Sounds like lots of LaSportiva fans here at Uphill Athlete. One of the things I liked about the Masochist is that it felt like a good “climbing” shoe. Not real climbing of course, but serious inclines on trails it would dig in since it wasn’t low/zero drop it didn’t stress the calf/achilles at all.

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