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    Thanks to Carter W at Training Peaks, here is a simple way to bump/shift a week or whatever timeframe you want.

    To do this you must have a TrainingPeaks premium account not the free TP account.

    This example is based on repeating week 7 of the 24 week Mountaineering Training Plan

    To repeat Week 7, you will want to shift weeks 8-24. Please follow the below steps to make the necessary changes:
    • Select the date header for the first day, Monday, of week 8 (the 3 dashes next to the date)
    • Hold ‘Shift’ on your keyboard
    • Select the date header of the final day of week 24 (the 3 dashes next to the date)
    • Weeks 8-24 should now be highlighted and a selection popup will come up
    • Either Shift to new date, or cut/paste
    • Once 8-24 are moved, you can then copy/paste week 7

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    Jeremy on #71457


    I started new Mountain Training Group last week. Got off to a rough start with other life things getting in the way. I know how to shift a week as described.

    But if I want to shift the whole training plan one week forward(I’ve only started week 2) do we do this week by week? Or can we select the whole plan and shift?



    Jake Watson on #71538

    Same question — I’ve had unexpected work travel abroad and was still recovering from COVID, so I wanted to push the start date for the whole program to Monday, Oct. 17. I tried the above but it didn’t work, and now things are pretty screwed up.

    I don’t know why this doesn’t show up as a Training Plan in library; if so, it would have been a snap to simply adjust …

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