Runs (Zone 1) while training for ice/mixed climbing

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    I am about to start the 8-week training plan for ice/mixed climbing strength training plan. I really like running, and most of the runs I do, I try to keep them within Zone 1. If I do additional runs of this kind in between the strength training days, would that affect my training? The plan is very clear about not adding any other strength workout, but I feel like a run in Zone 1 will actually help continue my fitness.

    A bit of background: I started structured training in 2018 with the 20-week ultra training plan. This year I switched to climbing and had a good season in the Tetons with long approaches and moderate technical climbs and scrambles. For the past month or so I’ve been doing a couple of runs a week and a day of climbing on average.

    Thanks in advance.


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    TerryLui on #29371

    Hey Juan!
    I would imagine that so long as your runs are not negatively impacting your climbing training (i.e. taking time away and/or extending your recovery b/w workouts) the light Z1 runs should be fine?

    jfgallego2 on #29372

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks! That’s what I thought. I plan to use my HR monitor during the workouts to get a better idea of the recovery times, in addition to “how I feel”


    Anonymous on #29374

    I agree with Terry. Just be sure you’re recovered for the climbing workouts if that’s your priority.

    jfgallego2 on #29381

    Thank you, Scott. Will do.


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