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    I did the Runner ME progression from the Mike Foote Big Vert training plan yesterday. The workout called for 2 circuits at 6 x 10. I did with 8lbs and only 1 circuit. My legs are destroyed today. Should I drop the weight next week and still only do 1 circuit or drop the sets (from 6 to 4) the weight and the circuit? The good news is I found a weakness to work on!



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    Scott Johnston on #30682


    You’re not alone with the trashed leg syndrome. Just wait till tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Use only body weight for the next few of these and reduce the depth of the split jump squats and hight of the box.

    You definitely found some low hanging fruit. But each person has to find the right loading that is appropriate for them. If you are getting worked with BW then just use BW. You’ll still see huge gains and will not be so destroyed.


    ryanpaul on #30737

    Thanks Scott. This has been a rough week for my legs. Just starting to feel better today…so I ran for 2.5 hours πŸ™‚

    nullkru on #30773

    You’re not alone with the trashed leg syndrome. Just wait till tomorrow ?

    I second that πŸ˜€ !!!

    Each progression is a new joy.

    ryanpaul on #31689

    Another question on this topic.

    In the workout plan, it mentions that the BSU can be completed in 30 seconds….maybe I am using too high of a box(about knee height) or I am just slow but it takes me almost 60 seconds per 10 reps (per leg). Is it wrong in the plan, am I slow or is the bo to high?

    Also, I have tried two different techniques 1) both legs on the box, both legs on the floor, repeat starting with the opposite leg and 2) always keeping one leg on the box, alternating legs. The second is a little quicker and feels like the same there a preferred method?

    For anyone reading this having the same issue with DOMS, I had after the first week. Today was my 4th workout and I used 17 lbs and did 2 x (8×10).

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