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Rehab broken femur

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    john leo


    I shattered my femur a few weeks ago and I would like to try and do some gentle skiing this winter if possible. I’ll be doing general PT starting here soon, I was wondering if theres any specific ways I could work with the PT to make that happen.


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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #43281

    Optimizing recovery from fracture depends on several factors first and foremost being bone healing. I recommend being really good on the front end with your limited weight bearing. This will allow for smooth transition to partial, then full weight bearing. Its all about progressive load with SMALL increases over time. A therapist will help you not get in the way by getting too greedy on your increases. If you were asking for specific help, drop me an email at

    john leo on #44720

    Hi Pete,

    Took it slow and I am walking again. I did have one more question, I have what feels like a giant knot in my quad right over where the break was and it is very tight thus limiting my movement. I’m using a handheld and foam roller to try and work it out, but it’s rather persistent. Any advice on that?

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #44759

    Darn, pic didn’t load. Keep mobilizing the area, you made need to use the palm of your hand as other firmer tools can be too much. You just want to friction the tissue, then use it. You should check in with your provider for an xray to make sure you don’t have some of your soft tissue ossifying, just to rule out the bad stuff.

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