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Recovery workouts

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    In the 24-week Mountaineering Plan, Recovery Eun/Walk/Jog workouts are said to be 15 bpm below AeT. My AeT is 142, so 15 bpm below that would be 127 which, for me, is the top of Zone 1 (10% below AeT). However, I was keenly reading TFTUA and on page 89, it says recovery workouts should be at least 20% below the top of Zone 1 which, for me, would be below 102 bpm (20% below 128).

    Is that a discrepancy or am I reading it wrong? By the way, TFTUA is an AWESOME book with a wealth of knowledge.


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    todd.struble on #43565

    I don’t think you’re reading it wrong. From reading TFTUA and the forums, the distinction is pretty fuzzy and based more on the intention of the workout rather than a specific heartrate target. From the chart on p. 85, “The Recoevry Zone is not clearly defined. Its boundary with Zone 1 is indistinct depending on the recovery state of the athlete. Hence it does not get its own numeric zone designation.”

    From my amateur perspective, I take this to mean light activity rather than complete rest, but I should feel better after the workout. TFTUA suggests anything from yoga and foam rolling to a light jog, but if a light jog is kicking your heartrate up closer to Zone 2, take it as a clue you might be going a bit too hard. If the purpose of the workout is to recover, you don’t want to compromise the quality of the following day (or several days as your fatigue builds into a long weekend run). From what I’ve read here, these “workouts” are also a good opportunity to cross-train, so if you like to swim or bike it’s a way to give your joints a break while still getting some aerobic work in.

    For reference, I last tested my AeT at 150. For me, a light jog (~12 minute mile pace) puts me around 130, which works for me, but not for an hour without stops or walking breaks. Perfect for walking the dog! Cycling is also good for me and my HR is lower, around 120-130. I don’t even know what pace or wattage that is.

    p.s. I had to type this twice as I think I lost my first post with a quick edit. Not sure what happened but apologies if it shows up twice!

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    mzkarim on #43566

    Great,thanks! Yes, I just read in TFTUA that one can cross train for Recovery workouts, so will try a stationary bike for mine later today, just to change things up. I love how TFTUA explains the science behind endurance so clearly that you can actually be your own training coach for life! I haven’t been able to put the book down since I got it last week.

    Thanks for your response!

    Anonymous on #43579

    What Todd said!

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