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    hdrop on #64028

    Question on recovery that I forgot to ask on the Zoom: how do you know if you’re recovered?

    I am a classic ‘sports player’ from college lore that basically, if I am not acutely sore, I struggle to know my recovery status….

    Anonymous on #64042

    That’s a great question. Here are some clues:
    1) Do you wake up rested or tired – if tired you are not recovered.
    2) Do you always need an alarm or wake up naturally after 8+ hours of sleep, yes we need that much if training hard.
    3) If you are acutely sore you have to wait until not sore to really train again.
    4) If regularly acutely sore you are over reaching.
    5) If sleep is disrupted or you have a hard time falling asleep you are likely under recovered.
    6) If your resting HR is elevated in the morning or over time, that is another sign of not being recovered.
    7) If you mentally have to push yourself to do every workout, you’re not recovered.
    8) If you aren’t looking forward to trying hard you need more rest.
    9) If you begin to under perform or plateau in your performance.
    10) If you feel super tired middle of the day (like you could fall asleep head on your desk) you are under recovered.

    I hope these concepts help, send more questions if you have them.

    hdrop on #64355

    This is a great list! Unfortunately, according to it, I maybe have never been ‘recovered’ — always things to work on 🙂

    Coach on #64358

    I echo all that Carolyn is saying! Another great little trick is to walk quickly up a flight of stairs. If your legs feel tired or you feel like it is harder than normal you probably aren’t recovered. I use this with my athletes when they are unsure of how they are feeling.

    I hope that helps!

    hdrop on #64716

    Perfect, thank you for the tips 🙂

    Sorry to have missed the last zoom, but just watched it and had lots of good recovery discussion.

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