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    Hi everybody,

    How are you recording your training and ski trips? I am using a Garmin fenix3 and have been setting my ‘ski tours’ as ‘XC ski’ in the Garmin apps and in TrainingPeaks. I am new to all of this, but am assuming that XC ski is the best option for a ski tour, however there are clearly some differences. As ski tourers we don’t do so much gliding or skating and we can go very fast on the downhill. Does a downhill skier or XC skier exert more effort on the downhill? If anybody thinks differently, knows about the algorithms in the apps, or has any tricks let me know.


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    Anonymous on #3551


    What data are you interested in collecting in Training Peaks?


    Jasper on #3553

    Hi Scott,

    I want to have vertical gain/loss and speed, for fun but also performance. I also want to see HR and TSS, to get a glimpse of training loads as well as recovery and fatigue. I was just looking at the data I uploaded most recently, and noticed there is no TSS for XC ski. Is there any other data you would recommend for ski touring?


    Shep on #3682

    Hi Jasper,
    I also use a Fenix 3 and Training Peaks. I just went back and looked at all of the “XC Ski” activities I have (a mix of actual XC skiing and touring days). I see there is an hrTSS when I wore my chest strap. That is probably the best you can do.

    Hope this helps,

    Jasper on #3794

    I have it working now. My problem was that I didn’t have heart-rate thresholds setup in my settings for xc-ski. I had them up for running and assumed they would populate for other activities.

    Anonymous on #3834


    Good for you to figure this out TP has an amazingly powerful tool in its ability to track training load via TSS but it does require you set up your anaerobic (lactate) threshold correctly. Use hrTSS (heart rate) for all mountain related activities like trail running, ski touring, climbing, xc skiing etc that have lots of vertical involved. It is the only way to account for actual load.

    Good luck,

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