Reconciling Garmin HR zones with Uphill Athlete zones

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    I’m using a Garmin Fenix 6 for training (recently started the 24-week beginner marathon plan) and it uses the traditional 5 heart rate zones. I completed my first AeT test today and am struggling to reconcile the 4 zones described by Steve House in the YouTube video “Setting Up Training Zones Intensity” and various articles with the 5 zones required by Garmin products.

    Let’s say my Aet is 145. Does this mean I should set my Garmin zone 3 (which they call aerobic) to 145, and subtract 10% for the lower bound on zone 3 (i.e. 130)? How do I determine the upper and lower bounds for the remaining zones?

    Garmin zones are called 1) Warm Up, 2) Easy, 3) Aerobic, 4) Threshold, and 5) Maximum. Just getting a little confused with all the different terminology.


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