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    I just started the marathon training plan – and I did my AeT test today and my Pa:Hr came in at a 1.01% at 144 BPM, and according to the instructions I should re-do it 5pm higher. Two questions:

    – I live in the mountains with no access to perfectly flat trails (the track at my local HS is closed to the public due to COVID) and no access to a treadmill (also thanks to COVID!), so I picked the flattest course I could come up with and still came though with about 275 ft of rolling gain over the hour. Is that too much to ever get an accurate result?

    – My runs for the next few weeks are all 30 min with the plan, when should I swap out one of those for another test?


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    Garret on #44762

    I think with a rolling course it’s probably important that the gradient, gain & loss are the same for both the first half and the second half of the course.

    In this video there’s a example drift test with around 200 ft elevation gain and loss over the hour. Because it’s a few of laps of the same route it works.

    How to Administer and Analyze a Heart Rate Drift Test

    I live in a hilly location, I found a 2 Km section that’s relatively flat (6 meters gain/loss) and I run laps for the hour.

    Personally I have found that knowing my AeT has been important for my training. I’d do one even though the training plan only calls for 30 minute runs. Prior to using HR drift tests I was underestimating my AeT.

    – Garret

    Anonymous on #44958

    What Garrett said.

    For substitutions, because the AeT test is not that stressful, you can add it in as desired.

    Erica on #44971

    Thank you guys for your help!

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