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    J R

    I just started using the Training Peaks training calendar.

    I am a mountaineer, and trying to find best descriptions for my workouts for the calendar.

    I do Stairs with a pack, and spend time at the climbing gym. (and cycle, run, hike, weights, etc)

    But what icon should I use for my Stairs and climbing workouts? I only see “run, bike, crosstrain, strength, custom, other, and walk” as choices for what I do.

    Is there a way to add a workout type, or do I just pick one of the choices above for my Stairs, Gym Climbs, and Hikes?


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    Anonymous on #27723

    What we coaches at Uphill Athlete do with our coached athletes is is the following

    Hiking both gentle and steeply = Other
    Rock Climbing = Strength


    J R on #27731

    Thanks Scott!

    I plan to purchase one of the plans from your UA , and am loading my workouts for the past few months, so I want it to be usable for you to help my plan and training when I get a package from you.

    Anonymous on #27800

    I get over-detailed with most things, and TP icons are no exception. Here’s what I use:

    * Walk: For hikes and uphill work in the summer
    * Brick: For rock climbing, because the icon looks like a 3-finger pocket
    * Swim: For resort skiing, because the waves look like snowdrifts
    * Row: For skimo and BC skiing, because the oars look like skis

    I use the rest of their icons as designed.

    I like it this way because then I can look at the volume charts and have a good idea of volume per activity.

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