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    Hi in the weekly instructions in the Big Vert plan it says for example, “for races up to 50km with 3000m elevation the weekly total should be 100% of race total”
    The race i am training for is 50km with 4750m elevation so should i go with the distance total but a lower percentege for elevation?

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    Anonymous on #23319


    The short answer is “yes”. On that week you should try to hit the event’s total vertical. However it can be more complex as the training can not so vastly exceed your capacity for this kind of work (in this case the vertical meters) that you are destroyed but that week. We offer these as recommendations but these must be tempered by your own experience. Do not blindly follow the plan off a cliff. This why we have so much information on the site and in the books about how to monitor if you are handling the training.


    Xtal1 on #23388

    Thanks Scott. Im currently reading through tfua for the second time.
    Much appreciated.

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