Quad tendon rupture recovery

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    I am hoping for some advice or at least someone else who may have similar experience.
    In 2015 I slipped over and totally tore my quad tendon off the bone as a result of the violent hyperflexion. I had it surgically reattached to knee with 3 screws and 40 stitches. In early jan2020 I slipped on some ice in Japan on icy road and did it again. MRI shows some strands still attached but middle part of quad is not attached. Doctors don’t seem to know what to do. Surgery will mean 6 weeks in rigid brace with atrophy and no garantee. Knee sometimes just gives way and I fall over. It has some function but still weak. Concerned about long term prognosis. It’s been 3 months since injury and time is running out to decide if I want surgery. Hospitals aren’t the place to be now.
    Any thoughts or similar experience?
    Thanks in advance

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #39831

    So sorry to hear about your quad tendon reinjury and surgery predicament. While surgery is no guarantee, there might be a greater upside than treating it conservatively. On a significant proceedure like this, multiple surgeon opinions can be helpful in educating you about the pros and cons. 6 weeks immobilized is really nothing in the big picture if it allows for uphill/downhill activities again. There is a lot of suffering now in those who have to delay surgery to treat really painful conditions in their daily lives. Good reasons for that, but still a difficult time.

    robmbaker1976 on #39834

    Thanks for the advice Pete. I’ll try to get some more opinions from local surgeons. Do you do phone consults ? See attached video

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #39856

    You’re more than welcome. Just email me at pete@worldcup.physio and we can arrange something.

    robmbaker1976 on #43081

    Quick shout out to Pete who has been helping with rehab therapy over zoom sessions. Made some good progress but a severed tendon won’t attach itself so I had to have reconstructive surgery. Pete has been awesome and I can thoroughly recommend him.

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