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    Hey all,

    I’m excited to have joined the Q4 group starting in October! I’m training for general fitness to improve my backpacking ability on 8-10 day high routes in the American west.

    Over the next few weeks leading up to the beginning of the group, does anyone have recommendation for fitness preparation? I’ve already narrowed my AeT (~120), and my guess of AnT is in the low 150s, so I’m surely quite deficient, and generally not fit enough.

    I am tentatively planning to do 30-45mins of low Z2 (108ish) 6-7days per week up, plus 3-4 days of 30m strength routines from what I have normally done, until we start in October. My hope is to stabilize and habituate to the daily aerobic work leading up to the start.

    Any thoughts?


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    Cory from Wisconsin on #70680

    Hi Aaron,

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you and the others in the group when we kick things off in a month. My “A” goal is to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in January with several “B” goals sprinkled in.

    I’ve previously used the 24 week expedition plan and have done a fair amount of reading in the forum of last discussion topics for the training group.

    I would suggest a plan like the following as you get ready for what the coaches load in Training Peaks.

    Basic rules one rest day per week, strength/core 2x per week, all other workouts to be easy cardio. For cardio days monitor your HR and keep it at or below AeT. Strength/core days the HR doesn’t matter.

    Example week as follows:
    Monday: rest
    Tuesday: Chamonix Mountain Fit
    Wednesday: 45 min run/jog/walk at AeT hr or below.
    Thursday rest of you feel fatigued, or easy 30 min recovery jog (10% less on HR vs other days – I.e. Zone 1).
    Friday: Chamonix Mountain Fit
    Saturday: 1 hr run/walk/jog
    Sunday: 1:15 hike (ZERO pack weight), or run/walk/jog

    Move days around as schedule permits. Value consistency (short time over many days) over quantity (long days on weekends only, or the like).

    If you haven’t already seen CMF you can find it under the membership link on Uphill Athlete.

    Beat of luck.

    aaronnorlund on #70684

    Excellent, thank you Cory.

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