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    I completed a 100k about a week ago, took almost all of last week to recover, some light hikes and couple very easy jogs. I did it about half way through the Mike Foote Big Vert program, modified to fit the race in of course, my question is should I continue with another week of easy running/activity and progress back into training the next week or would I be safe to start jumping back into regular training? Really I guess what’s the teams reqs for the recovery after a big event and return to training? Thanks

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    Anonymous on #46275


    Congrats on your success. If you could do that in the midst of the Big Vert plan with all it’s ME load you’re going to see huge gains with you complete the plan.

    As for recovery after an event like this: There is no set time. A week seems short to me however. It depends on how taxing the race was for you. If it was a stretch and you had to dig very deep into your reserves then a month might be more appropriate. If you’ve been feel the bounce in your step with you bound up a set of stairs then probably you are ready to ease back into training. I say ‘ease’ because you want to have all your spidy senses attuned to pull back if, a few days or even week from now, you realize that in fact you are still tired. I often see that after a big over reaching effort, maybe it is a heavy training block or big single workout or race the fatigue does not come to the surface for several days up to 10 days.

    So proceed but do it with caution. I’d start back with a load of bout 50-60% of the biggest week so far and see how you feel with that as a test.


    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #46286

    Excellent! Thanks for the tips Scott, even halfway through the big vert plan I am posting stronger times, climbs and results I haven’t had in years. Butt kicker for sure but has really worked

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