Polar H10 HRM With Apple Watch

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    I am about to start a 24 week plan. I bought a Polar H10 HRM and planning to use it with AppleWatch.

    As for App to transfer the data to TP is it better to use Apple Health App or Polar Flow? Do I have to install TP App on my iPhone if I want to use Apple Health App?

    What are the pros and cons of each of those options? Are there any other better options?

    Thank you so much!

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    Shashi on #59349

    I use a Polar H10 as well but use it with my Coros Watch. I have a Coros and TP app on my phone. After the workout, the workout gets uploaded from my watch to the Coros app and then to the TP app.

    Apple Health App vs. Polar Flow – I haven’t used them so can’t comment on which is better. You will have to figure out a way to sync your workout with TP. Installing TP app on iPhone and then syncing it with Apple Health or Polar Flow might be the easiest option.

    vijayv on #59392

    Thanks Sashi. I ended up installing TP App on my phone and followed the instruction given here and it worked like a charm.

    linicas on #60156

    I think it also depends on which app feeds your TP account with data. My experience trying to pair Apple Watch with Polar H10 while using an iPhone is that you end up with two HR values on your phone. One coming from Apple Watch (data points go to Health app) and one coming from the Polar 10. It seems the TP picks up the data sets from Apple Watch through the Health app. In other words, iPhone prioritizes the Apple Watch as a data source when it feeds data into the TP app and there is no way to change that. TP gets its HR data points through the Health app on iPhone. If anyone has a different take on this I would be very curious. I went back to my Suunto watch for those sessions where I want to track HR rate accurately for this reason.

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