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    I’m in Week 8 of the 24-week Plan and starting to enjoy it as I understand it more and more (the first few days were very slow and easy, of course). 

    I like tennis and used to play it at a recreational level until about 3 years ago. Would playing tennis every other week hinder my fitness for mountaineering? Is it too much of an anaerobic sport? Can it serve as cross training?


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    mzkarim on #44016

    I would be playing doubles, not singles.

    Anonymous on #44042

    Wear a heart rate monitor and find out. It is very stochastic, but maybe doubles is less so.

    (If you do wear a heart rate monitor for a session, I’d be interested to hear the result. I played squash for years, so I’m curious.)

    Ben M on #57639

    I’ve tried using a heart monitor during squash — I think Strava likely smooths out the peaks too aggressively since a long rally is often mostly beyond anaerobic, and my AeT is around ~140. (where the HR supposedly stays in z2 most of the time… that’s just not what happens on court lol)

    My current thinking (starting week 1 of the freeride skier plan) is to play 45 mins of squash on the strength/mobility days, and checkin on other performance metrics to see if that ends up being overtraining.

    For 9+ years pre-covid lockdown I would play squash for about an hour and then go do the basic compound lifts as supplemental. last 3 years I brought in clean+jerk for the weight eccentric explosiveness in the jerk lunge. This winter I’m seeing if the UA training is better, especially for uphill cardio.

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