Percussion Massager (Massage Gun)

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    What are everyones thoughts? Do they work? Snake oil?

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    Rachel on #55230

    I bought one this spring, used it a lot for a few weeks and now it’s gathering dust. It does feel good to use, but I mostly do myofascial release work with my lacrosse ball.

    etierney650 on #55368

    Thanks for the reply Rachel. I think that is what would happen if I were to buy one. Not much science about the benefits either?

    Kyle Brundage on #55558

    I use the Theragun G4 Pro and have had great results with it. I use the warmup feature and go into my cardio whether it is stairs, running or hiking feeling much lighter and especially my feet feel renewed. I usually run through the recovery stuff after, and again after it almost feels like I didn’t workout at all.

    I can’t say what tangible benefits are in terms of speed or anything else besides “feeling good”, but I was able to splurge for the luxury and use it more than a foam roller which in my opinion is a win and replaces massages and their price tag, for me – I find it works just as good especially the better models that you can apply pressure and use different attachments. It’s really up to the individual, but I definitely feel better using it than without.

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