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    Hi all,

    I’m heading out to Nepal in mid November to climb Ama Dablam, and I am just entering the muscular endurance phase for this training.

    When I come back, it will be early season for the Scottish Mixed and Ice climbing season, and I want to get the most out of my training preparation for that.

    What I’d like to do, is that since I am not expecting Ama Dablam to be particularly technical ( at least compared to Scottish mixed climbing ), is to focus my ME training for the next 7 weeks on legs and continue my max strength phase on upper body work (pullups, max hangs etc).

    Then when I come back I will focus on an ME stage for upper body work for mixed and ice climbing.

    Does this sound like a sensible plan? Or is overlapping phases like this not likely to work?


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    Anonymous on #13650

    Yes, that can work out fine. Compared to Scottish mixed climbing AD will be a breeze. Depending on your level you might want to check out Steves 2 Ice and Mixed training plans They could be overlaid with what you are doing now with no interference since they are both strictly upper body and core strength/ME training and they save you trouble of designing your own plan.


    Steve House on #13709


    Here are a couple good (and free) resources to consult for some ideas on simple workouts you could do while in Nepal:

    Ice Climbing Training: Grip Strength

    Training for Ice and Mixed Climbing

    I would try to incorporate grip training and some upper-body maintenance work about every 7-10 days during the Ama trip so you haven’t lost too much by the time you’re back. Not starting at a deficit will make a huge difference on the rest of your season.

    planetmarshalluk on #13741

    Thanks both for your replies. I actually have Steve’s intermediate plan which I purchased last Winter.

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