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    I have been thinking about Scott’s story in Training for the New Alpinism–relating to peanut butter m&m’s and the three sisters. It makes plenty of sense.

    I do have a quick question related to it though. I frequently of athletes that rely almost solely on high-glycemic index foods like gels and candy for races and 100 milers. For most of my races (6hrs and under), I do generally rely on these types of foods as well. I’m guessing that for long days out at an easier pace, that low-glycemic index foods might be more beneficial, but was hoping you had some input. For outings 4-5 hours and under I generally bring a little water and a couple of gels. Should I be bringing something more substantial?

    Cyrus Desmarais

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    Use the axiom: Train on Fat. Race on Carbs.

    This will adapt your body to preserving carbs so you will be better able to sip from the glycogen gas tank and guzzle from the fat gas tank. Then on major events, by all means shovel the carbs in anyway you can get them. Note that on Mike Foote’s recent 24 hour record he was eating anything he could and drinking soda pop.


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