Now 3 mo after knee replacement ?!

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    3 months out from right knee replacement…..yesterday physical therapist said I don’t have to come back ever! Said now I can do ANYTHING regarding future training. He is a big biker and does lots of knee rehab, but not a mountain athlete. He and my doc said i’m luckier than average re healing and recovery, minimal swelling at 3 months. Extension is close to other leg, flexion is easy 125, pain to 130 degrees. So my question is where to go from here. Discussing with PT says start extending endurance work mostly zone one with starting more general strength and “see how it goes” !? I need to figure out a plan. I’m clearly detrained regarding my passion for backcountry ski touring and ski-mountaineering. Here in Denver gyms closed and supposed to NOT be traveling ten miles to hike. Should I just get back on track as per the Uphill Athlete/book etc or speak to Pete or Scott re a specific plan to get back in endurance and sport shape. I’v been lucky with the surgery but now a little lost on how to proceed going forward. I’ve been biking, walking and stretching, not much specific strength work yet. Your previous comments regarding dryland skiing tempered my interest in that. suggestions?? thanks, Chet

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #41961

    So excited for you!! Sounds like you have a good result post op and are ready to ease back into it. The range of motion is critical, so its nice to have full extension and appropriate flexion (should gradually improve a bit more). Strength going forward should involve general movements that are loaded to tolerance, maybe 12-15rm loads. Functional movements to uphill activity should be weaved in at a low level, progressing to higher difficulty. For sure you should be able to do bench squats, step ups/down, deadlifts, pullups etc. You can modify and do most with minimal equipment. Hike/walk/bike/terrain needs to be progressed and periodized within what the knee is tolerating. I’m happy to work with you, just contact me through I can also work with one of the coaches concurrently as you work toward next season with the fantastic snow we are sure to get:)

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