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    Can I get educated on nose breathing?

    Are people nose breathing that are with in 10% of the AeT and AnT? If you are in the 10% range and do not have ADS are you nose breathing with a pace of 9min miles or faster?

    Is it ok to mouth breath? Or when is ok to mouth breath?

    I’m just curious because every AeT test I’ve done has been nose breathing but I’m curious if I were to do a drift test mouth breathing if my AeT would be higher than my AeT tests only nose breathing

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    Anonymous on #48111

    We’ve moved away from nose breathing because we found that athletes with ADS can nose breathe above AeT.

    It’s best to do a drift test to find AeT.

    juskojj on #48114

    So mouth breathing during a drift test is ok?

    I understand some can, but is it ok to mouth breath?

    I know your body needs more oxygen the harder it works I just wasn’t sure if people could completely nose breath at a fast pace.

    Could your AeT change based on nose or mouth breathing?

    Reed on #48145

    It’s OK to breathe however you need to breathe. 🙂 If your nose is stuffy or you have a deviated septum or whatever, you might feel more comfortable breathing through your mouth even at a physiologically easy pace. Or as Scott said, you might be able to breath easily through your nose even though you’re above aerobic threshold.

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