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    I have recently started a 24-week training program. I have a couple of real basic questions I’m hoping to get some advice on.

    #1 While I have done lots of running in the past, I find it difficult to take the pounding anymore. I am wondering if I can substitute cross-country skiing for the run days. If so, would you recommend the same time/distance or an increase?

    #2. I am getting ready to do the first hike/run on hilly terrain which should last for 2 hours and include 1000? of climbing. My question is the time suggestion just for the uphill section of the hike or for the entire hike.


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    Anonymous on #15076

    Good questions.

    Yes you can substitute XC skiing or hiking as long as they are in the aerobic zones (1-2). Count the full time skiing or hiking on rolling terrain.


    joecolburn on #15080

    Thanks for the quick response!

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