Mock Ice Tools for Training?

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    Does anyone have a makeshift/mock option for ice tool hang exercises? I don’t currently have access to tools but want to stay on top of the training. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated!

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    rando_luke on #35156

    If you can hang a bath towel over a pull-up bar or anything weight bearing then just use that, simple and effective.

    Dada on #35157

    My carpenter made me copies of my ice axes. Some rubber tape around the tip and it works pretty fine.

    Steve House on #35163

    Hey Anthony,
    MY high-school coach used to have us do towel-pull-ups. They really work the grip but I think I got elbow tendonitis from over-using that exercise, so be aware that having to grip that strongly while executing a pull-up puts a lot of strain on the elbow. Might be better just to hang from the gripped towel.

    I think that you could also (a variation on @dada good suggestion) make something with PVC pipe, a few angles, and wrap the whole thing in athletic tape to have a vertically oriented shaft type thing to hold onto.

    The other thing I travel with often is this

    The Block

    it’s lightweight (I used to bring Rock rings until they accidentally got left hanging from a hotel balcony near Venice!) These are much lighter than rock rings and arguably more versatile.

    Hope you figure something out.

    ascasson on #35223

    Thanks everyone! This is extremely helpful.

    Anonymous on #35270

    These look like a good option as well:

    dwpyle on #35272

    A couple carpenter’s hammers on a pullup bar work great. A little rubber tape on the inside curve if you don’t want scratch your bar.

    vik.waghray on #35803

    I recently got my hands on a set of the Torr Trainers from Hex Climbing:

    I’d highly recommend them, and I think it’s worth supporting a company that makes such climbing-specific training materials!

    ascasson on #38700

    Thanks vik.waghray and everyone – the Hex Torr Trainers have worked well for my skill level and limited gym resources. I can imagine more advanced training would benefit from full-blow tools and ample room for those specific exercises, but these can go a long way.

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