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    Scott…thanks for your recent Strength and Mobility for the aging athlete article….my question is what/any suggestions re the mobility part of this for the aging athlete? ie. Yoga, stretching, any specific approaches or suggestions you especially like/recommend?? thanks, Chet

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    Anonymous on #16689


    We all loose mobility/range of motion in different ways and amounts as we age. This depends on our injury history and genetics largely. Hence my lack of specific mobility exercises. However you hit upon what is probably the best mobility routine and that’s yoga.

    Yoga is a huge area though. If you are not well versed in yoga I recommend finding the poses and movements that seem to target the areas that you find most limited in mobility and range of motion. I have developed my own modified little routine that works my special spots.

    Here is one of my main mobility and range of motion routines. I usually do this 2x/day and man has it made a difference to my ankle, knee and hip range of motion. I start all my strength workout with this. Plus it feels really good for my lower back which is kind of a mess.

    You need to experiment. But be proactive with this and it will pay off.


    Jim Prager on #16697

    I hadn’t been focused on mobility and paid the price this year. I should have been more focused on my hip mobility and ended up injuring my L5/S1 joint because that’s where I was making up the difference.

    I’m still recovering, but my physical therapist recommended Kelly Starrett’s books Ready to Run and Becoming a Supple Leopard. The first one is very straightforward and focused on running. The second is much more comprehensive and complex, but there’s a lot of good information, especially when it comes to identifying mobility and treating issues. I’ve been doing by 10-15 min per day and now seeing a lot better hip function. I’ll definitely be keeping this up as I get back to training.

    ttboydston on #16726

    Chet, one of the movements my trainer has me doing is “scorpion” stretch as shown here Ultimately it goes into the full scorpion movement. The idea I’m getting from my trainer is “mobility movements” that work and task flexibility while working through complete range of motions.
    Hope this helps

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