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    I’m approaching the final 8 weeks of the 24 week plan and and the ME workouts fall on days I cant easily get to a mountain or hill. Would weighted box step ups be the best alternative? I find that it is very difficult to get a good pace going on the box to get the burn that I can on a real hill.

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    Move the ME workouts to days where you can do them in hills then. Just allow good recovery after.

    If you can get that burn, even on the box then the pack is too light or the step too small. MORE WEIGHT!! Seriously. I’ve had guides with very strong legs needing to use full 40% of BW to get the ME effect.

    Its actually easier to get it on the box than on a hill because most people can’t access steep enough hills.


    langer318 on #8681

    Scott, I wanted to report back that I went with the box step ups as suggested. I did my second ME workout this morning using the box step at 16″ and 65 pounds, which is about 40% BW for me. It took a bit to start feeling the burn in my legs but it was there for the entire workout. My speed this week and last week as identical I was within 5 step ups but I felt much better this week than I did last week. Thanks for the advice.

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