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    I’ve got my training plan. And my signed book!

    Question about ME. I’ve tried a few times, but the split jumps are just too uncomfortable for my 60yo knees. Same with lunges. Just grinding and painful. Box steps are good, even with weight. So is hard uphill hiking with weight. I did a 13.5 mile 4000 foot long run Saturday and my knees feel fine. But the lunges and jumps…no go.

    Any suggestions on structuring a consistent ME session that doesn’t involve split jumps or front lunges? Or just do more step-ups…?

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    benabbott50 on #48868

    Same here! I have the same problem as Richard. I can do step ups, and hike with weight, but splits, and lunges……Ouch!

    AshRick on #48895

    Add…my knee pain isn’t the cartilage between the surfaces, it’s in the knee cap. Hence, I can absorb normal running, but even moderate loaded hyperflexion hurts.

    mike on #48896

    Maybe start the lunges and split jumps with 1/4 depth and reduced reps. At 59 and After 2 knee scopes on both knees, over the years I have found starting with something like 10 squats, 5 lunges (each leg), 5 jumping lunges, 10 jumping squats is a good starting point. Build upon that base to get where you want/need. Depth on lunges and jump lunges should be as tolerated

    Dada on #48918

    Hi guys,

    I can actually contribute something: I had problems with lunges. I substituted lunges with Bulgarian Split Squats. Works perfectly for me.


    cnikirk on #48944

    I have a bit of arthritis under both knee caps so I know what you mean. I am still able to do lunges, but need a good warm up first or even a single ibuprofen I have found knocks down the inflammation. I wear thick knee sleeves as well. The first few lunges I only go part way until I feel loose then I’m good to go. Make sure you are getting your foot out far enough. You don’t want your toes under your knee.

    I also suggest foam rolling and stretching for the quads, hams, glutes, calves. You could be super tight making the problem worse.

    If things like that don’t help I would definitely remove them.

    Anonymous on #49364

    These are all good suggestions. Thanks, everyone.

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