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    Hello everyone:

    My question is this: I have been following the TFNA training plan for four months and I wanted to know what amount of maximum height difference I should get in the sessions of ME taking water bottles if I am training to participate in ultratrails with elevations higher than 5000m? Should I continue with the progressive pattern of carrying 10% to 20% of body weight?

    Let’s see if anyone can guide me.

    a greeting

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    Anonymous on #8698

    I think the typical goal with weighted water carries is to eventually exceed the total gain of your goal event.

    However… 5,000m is a lot on its own. 5,000m of ME training with excess weight would be a ton. In order to play on the safe side, it may make more sense to progress your ME training by breaking up the total gain over consecutive days.

    That’s just my first guess, so I’ll ping Scott J. and ask him to weigh in.

    chiquetetekik on #8699

    Thank you very much Scott. I think that is very good idea

    Anonymous on #8700

    There are many ways to improve your muscular endurance. Our weighted water carries on steep slopes with heavy pack are really meant for mountaineers/alpinists. The speed is quite slow and the grade very steep. For mountain running I suggest something where the rate of contraction and the range of motion is closer to running. Scott S is right to caution against trying to do 5000m of ME.

    I am almost done with a series of articles on strength training where the 4th article is devoted to ME and offers an alternative ME program that I have used with many mountain athletes from runners to alpinists from beginners to some very high level. Should be published in week or so.


    chiquetetekik on #8702

    Thank you very much Scott and Scott for the answers

    I’m waiting for that interesting publication.

    a greeting

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