ME and Max Strength

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    Can Muscular Endurance and Max Strength session be done
    in the same cycle? For example, if you do 2 max strength sessions
    per week is it a bad idea to have 1-2 ME sessions as well?

    In TftNA, I got impression that Max Strength sessions were done
    before ME and after ME started there were some max strength
    maintenance sessions every 10-14 days.

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    I usually find that LME is so taxing, an effective max strength workout isn’t possible.

    So I do what you described: Develop max strength before ME, and then maintain it during.

    In particular, two sessions of each would be a huge load. I suspect the quality of one or both would suffer, especially because a key part of ME training is maintaining your aerobic capacity training. If general endurance training starts to decline in volume, then the ME load is too much.

    Anonymous on #24438

    You can mix ME and Max but not at the volumes you are suggesting with out risking over doing it. We often use a reduced Max strength workout 1/wk-10days in the ME phase. We rarely ever do ME 2x/wk and certainly not with a max session.

    You just won’t recover. Gains will plateau and the start to drop off.


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