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    Hi guys,

    A while ago Scott J. responded to a number of posts on TSS and fudge factors that UA uses. He stated that he uses a score of 75-80 TSS per hour for Max Strength.

    In TftNA they suggest doing MS in a circuit with only 30-60seconds between exercises.
    Example: stepups, 60sec, pullups, 60sec, squats, 60sec, hangs, 60 sec… repeat 4-6 sets

    But I’ve also seen a recommendation to do 2 exercises and then take 3 min rest.
    Example: stepups, pullups, 3min… repeat, then: squats, hangs, 3min… repeat

    I’m wondering:
    1. What do people recommend for MS in terms of order and rests?
    2. UA coaches, what protocol does the 75-80 TSS/hr refer to?



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    Anonymous on #7833


    I think you might have misread something in TftNA. Refer to page 226 and beyond for the discussion of Max Strength methods. ON page 227 it very specifically states to rest 3-5 minutes between sets of the same exercises. One can alternate upper and lower body exercises so that the down time is less. Endurance athletes typically hate the rest period between sets so combing them into this mini circuit or ‘couplet’ style shortens the workout with dramatically compromising the results.

    Using the couplet method we give 80TSS to the max strength workouts we use for clients or that occur in our training plans. This workout is similar to the ones in the book but includes 4 exercises for mountaineers, done in a couplet style. Box step ups and Pull ups in one couplet. Step downs and Push up in another couplet.


    Anonymous on #7839


    The 60″ on, 30″ off strength routine is more for general strength or strength endurance, depending on the intensity.

    I hope that helps explain things.

    Scott S.

    sambedell on #7871

    Okay, that makes sense. I was rereading TftNA and on page 229 in the first sentence it says “semi-circuit” and “30 seconds to a minute” which is where my confusion came from.

    I’m just starting Max Strength and did my first workout with the couplet style you suggested. Step-ups/one-arm lock-offs to front squats/one-arm ice-tool hangs… felt good.

    Thanks for the help.


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