Massage Guns?

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    Does anyone have experience with massage guns? I’m looking at the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus to help with plantar fasciitis and tightness in my calfs and glutes. Figured I’d save a lot of money over constantly visiting my Physical Therapist.

    Has anyone used this, or similar devices for stretching/recovery?


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    I recently got a set of jigsaw bits and a cordless jigsaw. The $25 was a lot more appealing than $300+. E.g.,,, etc. The jigsaw has other uses, assuming this doesn’t destroy it. 🙂 So far, it’s just another tool in the mobility & self myofascial release toolkit.

    The most useful things I have are the Rogue 80mm SuperNova and Travell & Simons’ books on myofacial pain and dysfunction. Calf tightness might be referred from a knot in glute minimus, for instance (see image below). Jill Miller / The Roll Model book and foam balls are also great. No affiliation, just my opinion.

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