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    Hi all,
    Looking for some advice!

    I’m 10 weeks out from a trip to Chamonix and looking to cruise some bigger mid grade routes (Kuffner, Frendo etc). I’m just starting to kick off some weighted hill climbs for local ME training and want to make sure I’m doing it right (this is my first rodeo in regards to UA training plans).

    I live in the West Midlands in the UK (so pancake flat) but have managed to find a local hill with a fall line that gains 70m vert in around 250m horizontal.

    My plan is 1 session a week (on top of aerobic base runs, general strength and multiple laps on the autobelay at the climbing wall) on the hill with a 25% BW pack + poles in my 4 season boots. I was thinking of doing multiple laps up/down on the slope to hit a weekly elevation goal.
    My starting week I was thinking 350m total vert in the workout and then add 30-40% each subsequent week.

    What do people think? Also what’s the standard practise when it comes to local ME and deload weeks? Are people getting results by keeping the ME workout but dropping intensity by 50% or ditching it completely for 1 week??

    Any thoughts or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated!

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    dbdmilton on #68186

    Sorry, just realised typo in first post. The slope is 100m vert in 250m horizontal.

    Shashi on #68219

    If you are not used to structured training, I would recommend starting with Core and General Strength workouts 2x a week, Zone 2 runs/hikes 2x a week and a longer Zone 2 hike on hilly terrain. Gradually increase volume by 5-10% each week.

    Maybe four weeks into the training, you can do Max Strength, Weighted hill hikes (10%-20% of BW) and Muscular Endurance (ME) workout. For ME, start with a weight high enough that your legs are the limiting factor and not your breathing. Check this article for more information on ME –

    Vertical Beast Mode: What Is Muscular Endurance? Why Is It Important and How Do You Train It?

    You can skip the ME workout in the recovery week.

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