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    Ruth Blackshaw on #78093

    Thank you! For garmin users, I don’t think I’ve encountered this as a problem but is there a way to see if it’s being recorded in the watch or garmin connect do you know? I’ve never seen it before, have used a garmin for many years.

    Alyssa Clark on #78118

    It isn’t always a problem for Garmin users. Unfortunately we don’t have a great solution to check it but I used a garmin for years and never ran into an issue.

    Ruth Blackshaw on #78127

    cool good to know – thank you!

    tatianadesouza on #78251

    thanks for sharing Alyssa!

    I’m not able to find the RPE table… is it in a separate forum and I’m just not seeing it?

    Ruth Blackshaw on #78268

    same here for the RPE table – would be great to see!

    Alyssa Clark on #78271

    For sure!

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